Coco Codes: A modern take on Gabrielle Chanel’s color theory

If Coco Chanel lived today, she would be outraged by the state of the world. She had a personal style that’s become iconic and a point of view that was ahead of her time. “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud,” she said. Her clothes — the ones she made and the ones she wore — celebrated the female body without exposing it. And the colors she favored are part of Chanel’s DNA, from couture to makeup.

Coco Codes is a makeup collection that journeys into the colors that shaped Gabrielle Chanel’s life: red, noir, white, beige. It’s the modern woman’s task to incorporate them into their style. Lucia Pica encourages a bit of rebellion. Wear black in spring. Wear gold over your reds. Paint your nails white. The possibilities are endless because these are classic, must-have shades that can be worn with anything. Here’s proof, imagined with Chanel’s resort 2017 collection.



Karl Lagerfeld created a modern-day princess look, matching bold menswear-inspired pieces — a cropped tuxedo jacket, a wide men’s tie — with a full lace skirt complete with appliqués. A strong look like this one can be complemented with soft, feminine shades of peach: a rosy bronze glow of the cheeks, a rosy nude on the lips, and a creamy, translucent sheen on the nails.



A casual safari look, or any look, has the potential to be appropriate for any occasion (especially these days) with a dusting of sparkle. This Rouge Coco Shine in Beige Doré from the Coco Codes collection is surprisingly flattering and very subtle. Wear it alone or over a bold red. Codes Subtils eyeshadow come in four shades that are blendable and wearable for daytime. The pink is especially refreshing. Keep nails looking groomed with a beige polish with high shine.



Things don’t always have to match. Reds, corals, golds and browns can go in perfect harmony, as the Coco Code blush-slash-highlighter-slash-bronzer proves. A peachy coral like this Rouge Allure Velvet in Secréte on the lips and bold red nails do go together — anyway, it’s physically impossible for anyone to look at your face and your nails at the same time. Also, who cares, it’s your code.

* * *

Coco Codes spring/summer 2017 makeup collection is available at Chanel counters.

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