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The unbelievable lightness of a woman’s purse considering its contents

There’s a personal element to blogging that I’ve yet to discover. I get that, to be compelling and believable, you gotta stop skirting around the idea of sharing things that would otherwise be out of sight, like the contents of one’s bag. It’s a start.

Ah, bags. The place where things disappear and reappear randomly. Hair ties, I’m talking to you. This is why I have bags within my bag. There’s a tiny leather pouch in the shape of a fortune cookie from my friend Bianca, where I store my earphones. There’s a fuchsia band that keeps my all my other wire-stuff together. I hate wires — you pull them out, and out comes everything else. There’s a rose gold envelope where papers, receipts, gift certificates, coupons and tickets are kept. And then there’s the net, see-through lavender pouch where I keep my makeup. My bag is not massive, but it weighs a ton. And it’s not very photogenic. So here are the contents of that lavender pouch. I carry them every day, and most of them come in mini sizes. I like getting mini versions of skincare and makeup. It makes things easier.




  1. Bioré wipes. A once-over with a single sheet will remove all traces of makeup. They don’t leave an oily film, even though the cotton sheets are soaked in cleansing oil. It almost works like micellar water, but in handy wipes.
  2. MAC Strobe Cream. Slowly I am discovering how to add “glow” to my face without “shine,” and although this cream is loaded with shimmer, it’s not the ’80s disco kind. I just draw a very tiny amount from middle of the eyebrows to the tip of my nose. That’s all the glow I can handle, plus it makes my nose look more pointy than it actually is.
  3. MAC Casual Color in Red Obsessed. I don’t use this on my cheeks. This one is for the eyelids. I’ve learned while watching countless Glossier videos that a pinkish cream on the lids looks fresher. It’s also quicker to apply.
  4. Korres Mandarin Lip Butter in Pink. Chapped lips are a no-no. This acts like a primer for lips that also moisturizes and evens out tone.
  5. Suesh Retractable Brush. Retractable brushes are a god-send. You don’t have to worry about your brush brushing against other things in your bag. The lid keeps it clean and in-shape. And it’s not a weird makeup brush to whip out.
  6. L’Occitane Arlesienne Hand Cream. I must have hand cream at all times. Any hand cream will do, this just happens to be the one in my bag right now. I like that it smells like dying roses.
  7. NARS Blush in Misconduct. It’s the perfect nude blush, an everyday shade that blends easily and can be applied with your eyes closed. I swipe it all over the middle of my face, horizontally from the one cheek then over the nose to the other cheek. It looks more natural this way.
  8. Benefit Bronzer in Hoola. A lot of people say this is the best bronzer ever and I agree. It’s multipurpose, too. With my finger, I pat some of the powder down the sides of my nose, and then in an inverted V around the tip. Sometimes I use it on the outer corners of my eyes for dimension. You can also use it to make your “foundationed” face blend with the rest of your body. Get a big fluffy brush, and swipe it around the edges of your face (jawline, under the chin, and close to the hairline.
  9. Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy in Exciting. I like it because the name is ironic. It’s not exciting. It’s very nude. But it makes lips look plump and healthy and it never dries.
  10. Murad Osmolyte Tonic. My facialist at Murad, James, gave this sample to me. It’s my favorite thing. It works better than regular mists, which tend to dry skin even more when water evaporates from the face. This one has osmolytes, which naturally occurs in skin cells to maintain balance when the skin undergoes osmotic stress, which is a fancy term for losing moisture. It leaves a nice, comfortable feeling of freshness, and it energizes the face. Great for the office, where humidity is the worst.
  11. NARS Velvet Shadow Stick in Goddess. Another thing I will probably keep buying until the end of time. The stick has just the right amount of shimmer, and comes in a creamy formula that glides easily over the skin without creasing because it dries like a powder. I use it under my eyes, just under lashes. It has a brightening effect, makes you look more awake, also like you’re always smiling. An antidote to the resting bitch face.

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