Hello! Thank you for visiting the site. In case you were wondering, I am a lifestyle writer for a newspaper in the Philippines and an editor of an entertainment website, gistph.com. I write about fashion, music, television, food and most of the time, beauty.

I created this blog originally to remind myself that the beauty beat is interesting and educational in a far greater capacity than just figuring out how to swatch foundation or how to get rid of zits. It’s a personal struggle, one that’s ongoing, to write about beauty in a fresh and interesting way so that readers don’t get bored. So that I don’t get bored!

Anyway, there’s nothing boring about makeup and skincare. There’s always something new, something exciting. This is where I talk about them, at times in great length. I can’t always fit everything that I want to say in column centimeters. Sometimes you need the infinity of the internet.ย And since my goal is to create a beauty-devoted website that’s not just about products, you could probably already imagine how much there is to talk about.

So it begins.

Don’t forget your SPF,